Monday, December 14, 2015

Pray & Sacrifice for our Persecuted Brethren (& advice from Yoda): Part 1 of 2

Our hearts are united with our many suffering brothers and sisters in Christ throughout the world. May God have mercy on those who are suffering intensely right now for Jesus and His Church, and convert those who persecute them. +Amen.
As in the times of the early Church and this past "Century of Martyrs", thousands and thousands of Christians are literally in danger of death, and many more are actively suffering abuse, imprisonment, or worse for the sake of Christ. Similar to those who protect us from physical dangers like our Armed Forces and Police, these valiant men, women, and even children are on the front lines in testimony to what we hold most dear: our faith in Jesus Christ.
A brief listen or look at the news should shake our hearts to the core at the plight of those in Syria and Iraq, Nigeria, Mindanao Island in the Philippines, China, and so many other places. They are the heroes of our day, and we owe them our deepest debt of gratitude.
>>> But what are we doing for them? What am I really doing to support them? Are you a lukewarm believer on the sidelines like so many people today? Do we simply complain about it and feel helpless to change anything?
I challenge myself and you today to do more for our beloved brethren who are in harm's way simply for being Christian. You can make a huge difference! The Saints of our Church, as Our Lady at Fatima in recent times, have made clear how we can help.
Here are Seven Practical Ways to Helpprayer, fasting, almsgiving, sacrifices, acts of love, living a rich sacramental life, and radical fidelity to God's Will.​ (I will explain each of these in Part 2.)
Br. Philip Maria Allen, CFR
St. Leopold Friary
Yonkers, NY, USA

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