Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Mother T, Xwings & Xmas

Mother Teresa, Star Wars and Christmas

A probable reason that the Church celebrates Christmas at this time of the year is due to the winter solstice. In nature we see that the light is starting to conquer the dark. What an appropriate time to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ, Light of the World!

At the heart of the spectacular new Star Wars movie is the battle between the light and the dark side. Everyone loves a good versus evil tale. Even Google allows you to choose sides as you sign into gmail (google.com/starwars)! Although that theme is found in all religions, Christmas is a great time to ponder the war which is happening - not among the stars - rather in the heart of every person.

The Mother Teresa movie, Letters, is a compelling compliment to this theme. Mother had written letters to her spiritual director which bore witness to her personal struggle with darkness. In the movie, these letters are used as a prism to reveal the inner depths of this modern saint.

Each one of us is tempted by the dark side. Every single day brings new opportunities to reject the devil, sin and evil. Every sun rise brings new opportunities to choose life, love and light. Time to spiritually awaken. Which side will you choose today?

+ Fr. Luke Skywalker Fletcher, CFR
Yonkers, NY

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Curious fact: Max von Sydow is in both movies!

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