Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What to Do During the Storm

In the midst of the “stormy weather” moments in life, it can be hard to think and to feel correctly because many internal and external factors to the person makes one disoriented; furthermore, the temptation is to want to jump ship or to out of fear or anger do something that in your better moments you know you would not have said or done. This storm can be caused by many things, whether of an internal or external nature. We are weak. But Jesus is our strength and song.

Along with the sacraments and fervent prayer, a key “weapon” in the midst of what may feel like “being under attack” is fasting. There is power in fasting in Jesus’ Name. While there are different forms of fasting (food, gossip, “media gluttony”, etc.), I would like to lift up food as an example (yummy!). Maybe simply don’t eat any snacks between your three main meals. Or no sweets for the next few days. Or no alcoholic drinks. Be reasonable and know what your limits are. Again, fasting can be a help in the midst of our struggles. It helps clear the mind of distractions. We are a body & soul composite, so purifying the body also helps to purify the soul and vice-versa. The self-discipline of fasting is healthy and with God’s grace will help you gain better possession of yourself during conflicts. Fasting helps us to slow down in life. Ask Jesus for the grace to fast. We start to fast well when we do it not just for ourselves, but most importantly so that we might be better lovers of God and of other people. Let us pray (and fast) for one another.

- Br. Antonio Maria Diez de Medina, CFR
Yonkers, NY
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