Sunday, March 10, 2013

Fasting From My Modern-Day Idols (part 1 of 3)

If you’re like me, you may wonder: “What can I fast from or do this Lent that will make a lasting difference in my life?”

Some bad habits to begin breaking could be:

Texting (seriously? Yes!), game-playing (all kinds!), looking in the mirror, internet surfing, dilly-dallying, driving too fast, dressing immodestly, lust/porn, TV, music, gossip, judging, shopping, negativity, jealousy, curiosity, backbiting, complaining, wasting time, impatience, self-pity, self-love, indulging, smoking/drinking, talking on my phone (or just talking), disrespect & wrath, fretting, temper, being ‘picky’, road rage; my favorite ‘devices’ on which I’m WAY too dependent, “on-line time”, bad company, occasions of sin, staying away from church, confession, my spouse or children; my own thoughts, desires, will & “getting my own way”; MYSELF!!

If I’m too hard on myself, I should stop; if I’m a lazy lout, it’s time to get moving! What are some of your modern-day “idols?”

+Br. Philip Maria Allen, CFR
Most Blessed Sacrament Friary
Newark, NJ
We need your help!


  1. you hit me where it hurts!! Can't we go back to giving up carbs (candy)? lol

  2. Much thanks Br. Philip for the post. I felt like chiming in, that doesn't mean that I should.

    Giving up nothing (finite temporal) for everything (infinite salvation) isn't really giving up anything. It only 'seems' like it. But as we practice the deepest loving daily renewal that we can, the gain of grace overtakes us very extraordinarily. The positive effect spills out to those around us benefitting them as well, at least to some level.

    As Fr. Stan Fortuna CFR said one time: "Like if I took you to Patsy's Pizza in Spanish Harlem on 118th St. and 1st Avenue. You think you had good pizza? (Outside of Italia.) I could tell you about it, I could email you, I could text you a pitchure of Patsy's Pizza, I could give you all a description of it, I could take a video clip of it and post it on You Tube. But until you experience it for yourself, it ain't gonna mean a THING."

    God is found in the struggle, sometimes even stronger in the struggle. Always try to struggle just that little bit more because it strengthens the divine presence. Ignore failure completely and keep trying, even small progress is progress and it's better than no progress because it has the greater potential to lead to more progress.

    Let's imagine the attainment of our best results because the mystical visionary's prayer opens the door to a whole new world. (Which, according to certain people in a certain part of the U.S., includes unrivaled pizza.)