Saturday, March 30, 2013


What does it mean to say that “Jesus is risen?” A translation, perhaps adapted especially for non-believers could be, “hope exists.” 

Jesus, I Trust in You

If we look deeply beneath all of our disordered desires, our brokenness and our selfish concerns what we discover ultimately is the hope that there exists unconditional love. Not only that unconditional love exists but that it is eternal and does not end after this life. The Easter proclamation that “Jesus Christ is risen” fulfills this hope deep within us. 

In many of the Resurrection accounts in the New Testament those to whom Jesus appears to are often found afraid (Mt 28:5), amazed (Mk16:5), seized with trembling and bewilderment (Mk 16:8), terrified (Lk:24:5), downcast (Lk 24:17), near despair (Lk 24:21), weeping (Jn 20:15) and lacking in faith (20:25). After their encounter with the Risen Lord they are all transformed from within because the ultimate hope of their souls is confirmed. Unconditional love exists and has blasted through space and time and is available to us for all eternity. How can one not be overwhelmed with joy at such good news?

God bless you,
Fr. Jeremiah Myriam Shryock, CFR

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