Friday, April 28, 2017

Our 30 Year Anniversary Today

On this Easter Friday the Friars celebrate the 30th Anniversary of our founding. Time has flown and gray beards have grown. It is a special day we give thanks to all of our 8 founders for heeding the Spirit’s call back in 1987 to begin a new foundation in the South Bronx. We also remember the passing of Fr. Benedict and Fr. Robert, both of them legends for all who knew them. Both of them are greatly missed and loved and are surely looking down and praying for all of us before the Father. 

Today is also the feast day of three great Saints: St. Giana, St. Peter Chanal and St. Louis de Montfort. All three represent an important aspect of our CFR charism. St. Giana gave her life for her unborn child in refusing treatment for cancer. She is a great patron for the Pro Life cause to which we are deeply dedicated. St. Peter Chanal was the great missionary to the South Pacific islands where he offered up his life for Christ in martyrdom. This great Saint inspires us to heed Pope Francis’ mandate to become a missionary Church. And finally St. Louis de Montfort is the Saint St. John Paul 2 loved so much for teaching him how to come to Jesus through His Holy Mother Mary. It is She, specifically Our Lady of Guadalupe, who has looked down upon our little community since its beginning and made her maternal love and protection known in numerous ways and occasions. We lovingly proclaim to her as St John Paul 2 did: Totus Tuus. We entrust everything to you Blessed Mother and are all Yours.

+ Fr. Anthony Baetzold, CFR
General Vicar