Monday, November 23, 2015

Are We Going to Hell?

One day I was the last guy in on a very packed elevator. I had to back in and pull my beard back from the closing doors. The man next to me could not see the buttons, so he asked, "Are we going to L?" I responded, "I hope not!" The crowded cubicle filled with nervous laughter. Then I commented, "But we do appear to be going down." Ponderous silence ensued. When the doors opened I announced, "No flames!"

During the end of the liturgical year, the readings at Mass focus us on the Last Things - death, judgment, heaven & hell. It can be spiritually fruitful to remember that we will die - "Frater, memento mori!" was a common greeting among medieval monks. When you die there is an elevator which transports your soul to your eternal abode. Elevators only go up or down. Don't press L.

+ Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher, CFR
Yonkers, NY
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