Thursday, October 8, 2015

On The Go

May the Lord give you His Peace!
Has it already been a year since many of us gathered in the Bronx on the evening of October 3rd, 2014 to celebrate the Transitus in a moving way as Fr. Solanus Benfatti led us through the meditations that he wrote? Only to realize later that night that our own beloved Fr. Benedict was experiencing the hand of the Lord and His holy operations in his own life.

I wanted to share with you one picture of Fr. Benedict that I continue to treasure. This picture was taken as we flew from New York LGA to Denver, Co. It was in the Spring of 2011 we were on our way to a Men's Conference in Colorado Springs. I had a camera with me and as he was silently praying the brievary I took this picture. Plane travel with him was always an adventure because the friar traveling with him had to be ready for the unexpected. Whether it was greeting those who knew him from T.V. to having a tip ready for the attendant who was pushing his chair or getting him through security. So moments like this picture depicts was a sigh of relief when all the work was done and you hand a few moments to relax. There were tough moments on the plane of course. Like when he asked me to ask two passengers in bulk head seating who were the size of Br. Giles and Fr. Terry to switch with us. I thought "Really? This is not going to work, and I am embarrassed." But it did work out.
Many times as we traveled the brievary was prayed "on the go." Either in the van or here on the plane. Later on at the St. Joseph's Home with the Little Sisters of the Poor in his room but best of all in the chapel. He truly always wanted to pray in the chapel if he was able to do so. This is how I remember Fr. Benedict so fondly wanting to give his love and attention to his prayers and especially before the Blessed Sacrament.
As we remember Fr. Benedict this October 3rd, 2015 may our hearts be filled with gratitude for all the Lord has done in our midst in and through Fr. Benedict.

Br. Simon M. Dankoski, CFR
Paterson, NJ

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