Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Angel Made Me Forget!

Last night I heard confessions at a great young adult event at Saint Patrick's Cathedral (NYC). After all was said and done, despite my usual ability to remember, I could not remember where I parked my car. I went to the spot where I thought the car was and it was not there! "STOLEN!", I thought out loud.

Just then I saw some guys and an immodestly dressed woman get out of a mysterious van right in front of me. My eyes met hers and I had an uneasy feeling. I immediately headed back to the Cathedral in search of a police officer. Just before I spoke to the officer - out of nowhere -  I remembered that I had parked one block over from where I thought. Sure enough the car was still there...

This morning during Mass I had a heavy burden to pray for that woman. I now understand that my Guardian Angel had helped me to forget (later to remember) where I had parked so that I would see her and pray for her. Would you join me today in praying for all women who are in need of help?

From the closing prayer for today's Mass:
"As you are pleased to nourish us for eternal life
with so great a Sacrament, O Lord,
direct us by the ministry of Angels
into the way of salvation and peace.
Through Christ our Lord."

+ Fr. Luke Mary Fletcher, CFR
Yonkers, NY
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