Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Comedy of Lent

It’s always a comedy, folks; it is never a tragedy. Even in lent we should remember that any time Jesus predicted his death, he always made mention of his resurrection.

You cannot even imagine the curtain to close once he’s placed in the tomb only to be opened with the stone three days later. No, there is no period only an ellipse, a dramatic pause. The movement of life continues through the false climax of the crucifixion to the real climax of the resurrection. If they were not so tightly knit together we would surely have neither one. For how could our Lord have seen his crucifixion to the end if he didn’t have his resurrection sustaining and propelling him? And what resurrection would there be if he was unable to fully complete his salvific act of self-offering? 

Please remember—always remember—that for Christ the story never ends with his crucifixion, and so it is for you, the Christian, the other Christ also. You may dwell there. You may meditate on the mystery of his passion, of course. And surely You will participate in it yourself, but it is precisely this reason why you cannot stay there, because neither did he.

We must always live with the resurrection in the forefront of our minds. Otherwise we will look like pickled peppers, and our Pope told us not to do that.

+ Br. Joseph Michael Fino, CFR
Paterson, NJ 
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