Monday, May 27, 2013

Empty Tabernacles (3 of 3)

Every church building is more or less beautiful & more or less well kept. Some are clean, quiet & prayerful, while others, well, are 'LACKING'! A (true) story is in order here.

Once upon a time some pilgrims visited a large & beautiful cathedral in a very poor country. One person remarked out loud: "What a *horrible waste* of money that should have been spent on the poor instead!" A native resident of the place promptly corrected the pilgrim: "Oh no, you're terribly mistaken! You see, it was the poor themselves who created this beautiful place for God - to thank, love & worship Him, with their very own blood, sweat, & tearful labors. They gladly prefer to live in poverty so long as they have a worthy church for their beloved God." The pilgrims sighed in shock, & the person turned red with embarrassment.

This recalls Judas who complained that the perfume the woman poured on Jesus not be 'wasted' but sold (& he was a thief & a traitor!), or the generosity of Jesus at the Last Supper & on the Cross. God's Love for us is 'prodigal', 'wastefully' generous! He *never* counts the cost - He only
gives & keeps on giving!

The only one I can blame if my tabernacle is 'empty', 'dirty', or 'cluttered' is *myself*. God is continually pouring Himself out with His infinite superabundant Love - all I have to do is open my heart to receive Him.

P.S. Jesus is a 'gentleman' - He ordinarily *won't* come in if we have the door of our heart bolted shut from the inside - He truly respects our freedom. I invite you: open wide the door of your heart to Christ! (But don't be surprised if He 'pops by' for an unexpected visit like He did to the Apostles after the Resurrection who had locked the doors! Or at least
when we die...) Let's start *expecting* & *preparing* Jesus' visit now. Let's welcome Jesus into our hearts & lives *today* - NOW. Amen.

+Br. Philip Maria, CFR
Most Blessed Sacrament Friary
Newark, NJ, USA
We need your help!

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