Thursday, April 11, 2013

From My Modern-Day Idols” (part 3 of 3)

Here are more thoughts of ‘good habits’ I might consider to begin cultivating:

Service: doing someone else’s chores (service starts at home!), silence (you bet! ;-), visiting someone who is sick, elderly or in prison; serving the poor at a soup kitchen, going on a mission trip, talking to a homeless person, helping a neighbor.

‘Humanity’: going for a walk or bike-ride, taking a well-deserved NAP, reading, exercising, taking a hot bath, gardening, taking a drive to somewhere beautiful, watching a sunset, doing absolutely nothing for awhile & just ‘being’ w/o ‘doing’.

Sacrifices: doing some activities you don’t like, getting up early to pray, holding your tongue, repenting/Confession, accepting your cross, rejoicing in adversity, fasting from foods or activities you like/are attached to, offering up extra prayers or sufferings for the pope, president, or those near death; praying for the Holy Souls.

Try to get to know yourself, Jesus & others better, since knowledge naturally leads to greater love for God & others: the goal of Lent!

+Br. Philip Maria Allen, CFR

P.S. If ‘not drinking coffee’ or ‘getting too little sleep’ makes you terribly irritable to others, maybe you should be creative & try giving up something else for Lent! ;-). Whatever doesn’t lead to a deeper love/gratitude for God & others is not helpful, since fasting, prayer, almsgiving & sacrifices, etc., are simply a means to this end. It might be better to a pick a few things you can manage so you’ll stick to them!
We need your help!

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